Arkansas Fresh Cafe is only one branch of the Arkansas Fresh family. Arkansas Fresh Bakery is the parent company to both the Cafe and Cocoa Rouge, our luxury chocolate brand. All are owned by the same people, and all made with the same care and dedication to use natural, local ingredients.


Arkansas Fresh Bakery is the original company, and acts as a wholesale artisan bread supplier to local businesses, such as the AR Fresh Cafe, Big Orange, The Pantry, White Water Tavern, and many others. We pride ourselves in being personable and flexible to meet our client’s needs. Ashton, our head baker, loves what he does, and he does it incredibly well. For Big Orange, he made multiple test buns trying to find the perfect match to compliment Big Orange’s burgers, eventually settling on a brioche-challah hybrid. Big Orange now has a bun that isn’t overly buttery and pair well with their product, and totally unique to them. All of our dough for the bread is made every night at 6PM, then baked and delivered at 8AM. If your business is interested in teaming up with us, you can contact us by phone at 501-847-6638, or by email at







Also led by Ashton, Cocoa Rouge is a young chocolate company specializing in Belgian-style chocolates. Our chocolates, much like our breads, have no preservatives in them and max out around four to six ingredients. Not only are we concerned with having a rich, luxurious-tasting product, we also put a focus on presentation. Every chocolate is made with extreme care, and then boxed in a diverse manner that ensures no duplicate pieces. We offer six piece, twelve piece, and twenty-four piece box assortments, as well as other small chocolates such as candied ginger, candied orange peel, and chocolate turtles. Cocoa Rouge chocolates can be bought in small orders at the AR Fresh Cafe, Eggshells Kitchen Company, Catering to You, and other locations. We can also do large, custom orders with specialized packaging and assortments, perfect for company gifts or events. If you are interested in placing a large order or have any questions about Cocoa Rouge, please call us at 501-847-6638.
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